Installation View

This installation focus on an event occured between portuguese and germans troops in the trench during the World War I. This story is documented in Museu Militar (Lisbon) and tells about how the german humiliated the portuguese soldiers in the trench. In order to protect the soldiers from the cold weather in France the portuguese government sent an inappropriate uniform called in Portugal ‘pelico e safões’, that is usually used by the shepard in Alentejo. The german soldiers had burst in laughter when they saw the portuguese with the new uniform.
The german embassy in Lisbon is next door to Goethe Institut and the sheep were allowed to enter/exit to the garden throught the german embassy. The mannequin with ‘pelico and safões’ from museu militar was also exhibited in the Goethe Institut next to the welcome ads.

Goethe Institut

Artist residency in Goethe Institut, Lisbon

with Jurgen Bock