Neptunism, 2013, video, B&W, sound, 14’59’’

Filmed on the coast at Fonte da Telha, the video shows the remnants of fishing activity and a cyclical journey between the city and the sea, through a performance enacted by a woman. In her ritualised and repeated gestures the woman reveals and confronts her identity, with excerpts from Fernando Pessoa’s play The Sailor seeming to add an additional paradoxical element. Both mesmerising and melancholic, the film appropriates a patriarchal mythology bound up with the sea, yet one for whom the culture surrounding the Portuguese figure of the varina  – the fishwife, female companion of the men of the sea – represents the tragic side of maritime life. In this female stereotype of Portuguese culture the social and political legacy of the idea of the inevitability of fate is set out. (Emília Tavares)


Maus Hábitos fev 2013
Museu do Chiado MNAC jun 2013